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oooh!..FUDGE ..... so how did fudge originate ?

In the vast history of sweets and candy, fudge is a relatively new phenomenon.

It’s a purely American invention that’s a little over a hundred years old.

No one knows with certainty who made the first batch of fudge.

Most accounts agree that the first batch of fudge was the result of an accident while making some other confection.

Perhaps the amounts of sugar and chocolate were mistakenly inverted or an ingredient was omitted while making toffee or caramel. Nevertheless, the lesson to be learned is that not all mistakes turn out to be bad things!

When this glorious accident occurred is also unknown. Dictionaries from as early as 1811 denote fudge as “nonsense,” and later define it as “to fabricate or contrive in a careless or blundering manner; bungle.” We also know that there is no mention of fudge in the comprehensive and authoritative professional confectionery cookbook published in 1849 by J.M. Sanderson.

One account is in the archives of Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. A letter, written in 1921, reveals that fudge was first made and sold at a senior auction in 1892. The mystery of this sugar and cream confection that we call fudge may never be solved. One thing is for sure, people of all ages and walks of life are seduced by this irresistible confection. There’s no doubt that the Worlds' happy accident is what we know and love as “FUDGE.”


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