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Earn 30% of the revenue you raise from Fudge sales


      You may be looking to help raise funds for your School, Church, Society, Sports Club, Scout or Guide group ?

      This year,we’ve developed a program called 'Fundraising with Fudge' that’s both innovative and easy to put in place.

Fudge is a high profit generator that outperforms most other fundraising products. Our fresh made to order cream and butter fudge is great for fundraising because it’s a gourmet product that’s not commonly available, making it highly desirable. It’s delicious, creamy and always made fresh. Fudge always makes a wonderful treat or a gift for any occasion. You can choose several Fund Raising ways with Fudge based on your timelines, resources and fundraising objectives, getting your members to help in ways such as:

Taking orders from their friends and family 

Taking orders from their colleagues at work

Displaying our fudge bars at your workplace or event

Setting up a FRESH fudge table at your own organization’s festival 


We’ll provide the expertise, flyers, order forms, training if needed, and most of all-our fresh delicious cream and butter fudge, to ensure that your fundraiser is a big success!

Learn more about our Fundraising with Fudge programs by emailing us at

or calling us at 02476 629803





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